Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy For Canning

Didn’t want to exercise, but did go;
Because I like the women there, you know.
Gardening seems to me exercise enough,
But Deborah doesn’t believe my guff.
I did have at least one more good excuse --
The canning of several people’s produce.

Jack has just called us; his plums ripened and fell.
We will make plum jam, and grape jam, as well.
Mamie canned plum juice without adding jell.
What will it be? It’s too early to tell.
She can’t help herself; gifts from friends’ yards
Prompt her to can them. She says it’s not hard.

Some cans she will gift and some she will keep
I’m sure that Mamie could can in her sleep.
Her basement is too full of her bounty;
But she can’t sell it, so says the county.
In times past, there were community mills
For grains and wood from the Coker Creeks hills.

It would be nice to share knowledge and food
Sharing the cleaning would also be good.
We’d be sure to have giggles and guffaws
As each of us shared our strengths and our flaws
An approved kitchen would be just the thing;
There we could process whatever folks bring.