Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Gobs of Gratitude

Great gobs of gratitude is the way to start any day;
It's so easy to do when we've had so much love come our way.
The baby boys all over the condo, one end to the other,
Under the watchful eyes of their loving aunt and mother.
Uncle Richard as their playmate while we girls got to chat,
The boys climbing on us occasionally for a kiss or a pat.

One of "those" salads, pot roast with all the fixings,
Beans from a Coker Creek garden are still to our ribs sticking.
To celebrate the birthdays of the girls, the boys could hardly wait;
They had spied the fresh strawberries on the Chantilly cake.
We parted with great smiles and some with grocery sacks
Hoping the sharing of good memories will keep them coming back.