Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whole Again

It seems to me that we are meant to see
The Almighty as The Creator of our history.
Since time began for woman and for man
We've been part of a master plan.

We know we've strayed and pulled apart
The world that portrays Creation's heart.
Isn't it time we seek the fear to end,
And focus on ways to help our earth to mend?

Let's begin by confessing to sisters and brothers
The ways that we know we've wronged each other.
Open our hearts to becoming, once more, one;
In The Holy Spirit we're daughters and sons.

We're the children of Creation's light most pure,
Striving to find the eternal cure
For our turning from The Light in our arrogance.
Each of us must now seek to mend the broken fence.

We are not meant to look and talk the same;
We are sent to gather the well and the lame.
The common call of Eternal Peace,
We must pray to find a way to release.

Let us send it out on wings of doves,
With a message of Infinite Saving Love.
Let's share our joy and absorb others' pain,
So with all Creation we may be whole again.