Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Home for a Hummingbird

The wheels of The Spirit turn so slowly at times
That I feel like I've been left behind.
When I wait and pray with patience
I find that this desertion is all in my mind.

I've always been in a hurry to know
What, why, where, when and how.
If something is worth having,
I've always wanted it now.

While it's true that some things
Don't get better with waiting,
Some things have to mature
Before they're ripe for celebrating.

Relationships, like fine wine,
Have many nuanced flavors;
Each area must be allowed to bloom
Before the full measure can be savored.

I've spent my life like a hummingbird,
Collecting nectar from many flowers.
My desire to find a permanent home
Grows more intense by the hour.

While I know that nothing on earth
Is actually here to stay;
Until it's time for me to become soil,
I need a place for my children to play.

In watching the fruits of our labor and love
I feel a oneness with my Creator.
I'm fortunate that my mission in life
Seems to be chief celebrator.

Come one and all, I want to say,
Let us sing and dance with delight.
This is how I show gratitude
For each day's holy light.