Monday, August 29, 2011

Refashioning Families

A big problem with families is the passing of the buck,
Blaming those who are close to us for our bad luck.
It is also convenient to have a several to blame
For decisions of our own that turned out to be lame.

There are many joys in having second chosen mothers,
And siblings by choice, be they sisters or brothers.
We start out with no baggage and no competition
For which one of us has the greatest erudition.

We can bring small gifts that really mean nothing,
But are simply a little "remember me" offering.
We can also limit the time we spend together
To opportunities to help each other feel better.

This isn't an option in families, of course
Unless the family members are willing to divorce.
Then all can be rosy, and sweet, and kind
"In love," not love, is that which is blind.

So what does one do to take care of the pain
That we bring home with us time and again?
Some have a cocktail; some say a prayer;
Some go into hiding; wishing no one was there.

One joy of retirement when the children have gone
Is that we can set the moods in our own homes.
No more are there pressures outside of ourselves
On which either of us is forced to dwell.