Friday, January 28, 2011

Core Competencies

It's not that I'm jealous, it's just that I didn't know
That wife and mother was a path down which I should not go.
I was taught that this was all that women could achieve;
It was in the kindness of our masters that we should believe.
The best gift a girl could have was her body and her face;
And a sweet disposition could win her the husband race.

But for those of us not beautiful or suitably sexy,
There were few options that our daddies could see.
The convents and the streets were no longer in need;
There were already too many in them for the men to lead.
What good families did with these drains on them
Was to give them to anyone with money like the men.

For the mistakes of wrong vocations, who must take the blame?
How many parents are there who still hang their heads in shame?
At least we see our children and their children have a voice
For exploring their gifts before they make a life's choice.
Not every woman is meant to mother, nor every man to be rich;
All jobs still need to be done, but the roles we now can switch.

It's too late for me to start over, as it is for my man.
We reached our core competencies in the past generation's plan.
I am simply grateful that our children must no more live the lies
By which our parents and their parents, their true gifts disguised.
All future generations, in all countries with liberty
Can seek The Spirit's guidance in what we each are meant to be.