Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snowbird Survival Skills

Well, we're heading home again
To our place in the forest.
Many friends have told us how much
Our presence has been missed.

We did not intend to leave
Without ever looking back.
Where friendship is concerned,
Continued connection is the fact.

We give apart of ourselves
To people with whom we work and play;
There will always be something
That beacons us to stay.

We are going back to work
To get our home ready to be
A cozy place for others
Who want, the mountains, to see.

We will become landlords
For the first time in our lives
We hear this is how many snowbirds,
The expense of two homes, survive.

Can we continue to have a home here,
And another real home there,
And people in both places
For whom we deeply care?