Sunday, June 19, 2011

Salty Stories

Who needs wind chimes when sailboat rigging,
All day and all night, is merrily jigging?
Palest pink oleanders in full bloom:
An absolute assurance that summer's coming soon.

The scent of suntan lotion wafting up to me,
From the poolside bathing beauties that we can see.
Magenta crepe myrtles are dancing in the breeze
Oblivious to peeling skins and their knobby knees.

Seagulls soaring splendidly, looking for a free meal,
Whether food that is offered, or morsels that they steal.
Mothers tucking children into car seats for a ride;
I don't know how the heated air, their little bodies survive.

How is it that a young mother, so beautiful and strong
Can stand near her children smoking, knowing that it's wrong?
There are so many varied stories carried on the winds,
The salty stories of those who could be foes or friends.