Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Status

I don't know how other parents live in their grown children's homes;
I guess it's sometimes the only alternative to living all alone.
I love to be treated as visiting royalty when I arrive
But if they saw me every day, I'm sure this wouldn't survive.
My granddaughter and I play games and snuggle in the bed;
She reads to me from books which I'm certain she's already read.
My grandson shows off his talents and his many friends,
And I don't want that magic to ever come to an end.
I love my son's sense of humor, but he sometimes gets carried away;
Because I'm in his house, there are many things I don't feel free to say.
His wife and he have discussions in which I'm not invited to take part;
This is just as well; it's hard to stop once my mouth gets a start.
Kisses and hugs all around when I come and when I go again;
Coming home to our own routines helps my star status to remain.