Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Temptations of Technology

Now my computer tells me we have worms
That seem to spread like viruses and germs.
Technology is so darn unpredictable;
Why does it have such a powerful pull?
For me it is my infinite university
Where I can study anything for free.
I've made friends that I may never meet,
But they still make my life more complete.

I have been able to help publish a book
Without having to leave my writer's nook.
I can email friends at two in the morning,
And enjoy their replies as day is dawning.
I get a bit spoiled not having to dress,
Or worry when my house or hair is a mess.
I can sit by my keyboard and feel connected
Without the worry of being rejected.

I could have our groceries delivered,
And never have to speak a word.
With writing, nobody can misunderstand
And ascribe evil to the message I'd planned.
The big, wide world comes to me;
Through the computer, everything I see.
But the pleasures of a friendly voice and face,
The wonders of technology will never replace.