Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Nation and Salvation

We must set up a new definition and following of patriotism,
Where we shun anyone who believes the law of the land is not for her or him.
I have no use for movie stars or other clowns of our nation;
I don't think that the most entertaining will affect our salvation.

I vote for those who encourage free will and free thought,
Which are the principles for which we were told our wars were fought.
When loyalty to one person or party is seen as necessity,
It goes against all the ideals that make our country free.

We approve only abstinence education mandated by adulterous hypocrites
Who lead our sovereign nation and give me moral fits.
I don't like abortion any more than fertility treatments;
Hypocrisy in our laws is what makes me come unbent.

There are many in the religious right who hire illegal immigrants,
And pay no social security. Our money, on their help, is spent.
They seem to live by the law that what is secret is right,
Forcing law abiding citizens to subsidize their employees' plights.

We can continue to pretend that we are a Judeo-Christian nation,
But we are allowing those who follow no rules of faith to control creation.
I have one constant question in our strong religion-based rhetoric,
Are our leaders actually people of faith, or is their religion a parlor trick?