Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grabbing Grandchild Time

Our youngest granddaughter is now ten. It seems like we'll blink and lose her to her own explorations of the wide world. I'm so thrilled that she still openly admits to longing for time with us. I feel that I must take every opportunity to spend time with her before she outgrows her granny.

Richard and I have been invited by her gifted program teacher to assist with a class field trip to the World War II Museum. How sweet is that when your grandchildren are so proud of what you do that they want you to teach their class something about your work? Now her big brother, who really enjoys time with his "Poppie" has asked if he can tag along. I hope it all works out. I'd be on cloud nine, or is it cloud ten?

Me and my youngest grandgirl had a sleep-over last night and enjoyed each other immensely, but the time was too short. She's in so many activities that it's really cutting into our time together. I'm not really complaining, though, because the class that kept her late was sewing. I'm hoping she can teach me a few new tricks.

The time waiting for my granddaughter also gave me the opportunity to take our only grandson to his favorite shopping place, Gamestop, where he purchased a Batman game with his own money. What an easy way to be a hero; all I had to provide was the ride. He's thirteen, so every minute with him before he takes the wheel is a gift.

After the grandchildren were whisked away, our daughter-in-law and I curled up on the couch, still in our jammies and watched a not-suitable-for-children movie as my son bopped in and out in his own inimitable style. What a perfect way to spend a day.