Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Forever Friend

His wife has the great loss;
Will I help or increase the cross
That she ultimately bears alone
Until she reaches the Great Unknown.

His wife is like a sister to me;
It is she that I long to see,
Because words can't properly impart
Such depths of the broken heart.

Will I ever learn that dying
Is not always a time for crying;
That believing in The Hereafter
Should engender laughter?

I think not, as I long to see
The people who are dear to me.
To hear the voice that would say,
"Can you come over to play?"

Charlie welcomed with open arms
And shared his many charms
With all that sought a friend.
Now his party will have no end.

But what about those of us
Who, in The Almighty trust,
But still long for his smile
Like that of a happy child?

Will we still be able share
All Charlie's love and care,
That from him flowed so free,
And in our hearts should be?