Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Boy Joy

It is wonderful to watch him
As he goes for all the gusto to be got.
Whether he's eating an appetizer
Or stroking a pet that he likes a lot.

His is a quiet happiness,
Taken and savored in small bites.
As he enjoys life's gifts,
His eyes dance with pure delight.

He is not one to grieve
For that which to me seems lost;
Each joy has become a permanent part of him,
So he hardly admits to emotional costs.

Where do we leave behind
The eyes of little girls and boys,
And with those eyes leave behind
Our access to pure wonder and joy?

There are many in this world
Who proclaim it to be unmanly
To express wonder and delight
At all there is that we see.

They, in their jealousy,
Will attempt to destroy
Every gentle part of
The innocence of a girl or boy.

He steadfastly holds onto
The slow, even rhythms of life,
Refusing to accept that even tragedy
Has to lead to endless strife.

I'd like to learn from him
The way to be so thoroughly content.
Living in each blessed moment
Is surely that for which we're meant.