Saturday, September 4, 2010

We All Must Mourn

My grandma used to ask me,
"Do you want to laugh or cry?"
She asked me this question
Without fully knowing why.

We all must mourn our losses
As we go about our days.
My friend is fond of saying
We all grieve in different ways.

Her husband made her promise
To celebrate his life,
Instead of having her focus
On their last days of strife.

My friend is the same;
She expects me to laugh.
The grief that I'm feeling
She doesn't need to know the half.

Her life's goal and her husband's:
Making people smile;
Leave your burdens at the door,
And rest your soul awhile.

She looks like her mama,
But she party's like her papa.
Neither sickness nor death
Is ever going to stop her.

She has surely lost the most;
He was part of her daily rhythm.
She deserves to be respected
In the way that she honors him.