Friday, April 1, 2011

Passion Play

What to do when words are simply superfluous?
How can we proceed when passion comes into play,
If all the many little bits of our reality
Continuing failing to line up the right way?

Where are we to store the energy
That seems always ready to explode,
When there are polite society things to do
And there's no time or place to unload?

We must make time to sing, and dance,
And paint our passions into action.
We must celebrate our bodies with others
Who give our souls deep satisfaction.

Run a fast race, hit a ball far,
Play a great tune on the piano,
Hug each other, oh so tight,
Swing as high as you can go.

Roll on the floor with laughter,
Give each other big high fives.
Don't hold it in, express it;
Passion is what keeps us alive.