Monday, September 26, 2011

Granny Games

Wow! What a weekend I had at my son's home!
I'd like to never again spend a weekend alone.
I showed my granddaughter and one of her friends,
A favorite game of my sister's twins.
Then granddaughter and I taught her friend a board game;
Rummikub will probably never be the same.
There's no such thing as peace and quiet;
When these two girls are together, it sounds like a riot.

My daughter-in-law joined us in playing games,
And my son, as usual, kept us quite entertained.
My grandson came home with a lacrosse team mate,
And into his boy cave they went to hibernate.
When my son got skunked in trawling for shrimp
Down to the street shrimp vendor he went.
Oh, the pure bliss of a gulf shrimp boil!
Eating like this has me quite spoiled.

On our song book we began the printing process
With our favorite songs we sing before we rest.
"The Lord is My True Shepherd" is something I sing
For the comfort to the children it seems to bring.
We went to bed and snuggled and read a silly book
About six fishermen with no good sense or good looks.
And then I scratched her back so very softly
And crooned to her til she was feeling sleepy.

Sunday came with joyful anticipation
Of Richard joining our family celebration.
My son and his wife went to the Saints game,
So to their house, kids, and kitchen I laid claim.
The boys asked for pancakes, eggs, and bacon;
We had all the kitchen counters shaking.
I made them sit at the counter so I could see them
I won't feed anybody who won't give my labors attention.

As Richard made his arrival, so did our niece
With her two baby boys, so my joy was increased.
My granddaughter's chocolate cookie cake
Was out of the oven for all to partake.
Richard had the counters almost rocking
With all his precise seasoning chopping.
Richard taught meatball rolling to our little cook;
Then she made the baby boys their own coloring book.

By this time we had four teenage athletes in the kitchen,
Coming through and on each trip snitching
A bit of chocolate cookie or a meatball or two.
Our meatballs were diminished by more than a few.
By the time the weekend warriors returned from their games
The pot of sauce was ready with the meatballs that remained.
More board games, some TV, and singing of our bedtime songs,
This is the kind of family life where this granny belongs.