Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Cheers for Chutney

Richard peeled and diced pears with care
To give our gift stash a certain flair.
Chutney's better by far than any other spread
That competes for space under our bed.

I like pear butter; don't get me wrong,
But once I tried chutney, I sang a new song.
The complexity of flavor in this exotic mix
Makes my taste buds stand up and do flips.

It's hard to describe what makes it so tasty,
With firm morsels of pears, it's never pasty.
The ginger adds a certain spice,
And the tart cranberries are ever so nice.

I eat it on turkey, and pork roast, and ham;
For toast, it makes a really fine jam.
I like it alone, out of the jar with a spoon.
The flavor's so special, it makes me swoon.

We give it away as Christmas presents;
If the Magi had it, it would have been pleasant
To present some of this chutney to the Holy Family,
A little something as tasty as tasty can be.

For families that are holy and families that are not,
We like to give food gifts from our cook pot.
We love to play Santa for the adults kids,
While they're planning holidays that flip their lids.

A little something to soothe troubled souls
Is the object of our holiday goals.
If we can bring a smile to Santa's face
We feel that we've won the holiday race.