Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like the Sky and the Sea

The ring of clouds gathering around the lake
Will soon be the water in which we all partake.
Our nourishment from fields, beasts, and all things
Are the gifts that this daily "lake effect" brings.

Why can't we be more like the sky and the sea,
I give to you and you give back freely?
Why can't we be like the trees and the rain,
I transform your gifts and give them back again?

Have you ever watched birds as they build their nests?
They use only what is needed, and for others leave rest.
If it is true that energy is an never-ending loop,
What do we accomplish when, to hoarding, we stoop?

The powerful seem to be nothing but energy sinks,
Damming up the flow and leaving none for others to drink.
They would rather be in control of a stagnant pool
Not caring that slow death is that over which they rule.

All moral ownership comes with some responsibility
If we take only what we're meant to, the rest will be set free.
Then all creation's energy will flow through us and back.
The balance we see in "lesser" creatures, we humans seem to lack.