Monday, August 9, 2010

Quite Quiet

It was a quiet day up our way;
Richard was under the weather.
I tiptoed around and stayed off the phone,
Hoping his aches would get better.
He’s usually such a stoic that,
When he admits he’s sick,
I feel like I should take him
To the hospital, double quick.

I can be a bit hysterical
About sickness in those I care for.
I made him a cup of chicken soup;
He didn’t think that he should dare more.
Oh, what’s a mother to do
When her chicks are feeling bad?
It’s so hard to know how much to do
Without driving them awfully mad.

Once we’ve almost lost a chick
We’re prone to hovering over it.
If anyone or thing threatens harm,
We push them back a bit.
But if pushing isn’t what they need
How can we show we care?
With a good book and a computer,
We can simply be quietly there.