Saturday, January 22, 2011

Helping Holiness

It has occurred to me that greed and speed
Have convinced us that we have unmet need.
This has been our curse since our beginning,
The opening volley in mankind's sinning.

We talk about trusting in our God,
But I find it to be increasingly odd
That we want to force change in each other,
Not understanding our sisters and brothers.

Everything seems a competition for more,
Instead of accepting what I was meant for.
Faster we push to get there first;
The more we get, things only get worse.

It is not meant for me to save all of man,
But I do have a place in the Infinite Plan.
I'll step back and pray to see my mission;
Only this will clear my clouded vision.

Heal my head and heal my heart
Show me how to play my part
In creating a space for balance and peace,
In this way, helping holiness to increase.