Sunday, December 19, 2010

Passion and Impermanence

I rode along the Gulf Coast just before sunset, taking photographs of the art that rises from death. What a special mind it is that can look at the remnants of destruction and see new life!

Marlin Miller must have a heart of pure light that, where we all saw our beloved old oaks as dying amputees, he saw opportunities for wildlife art. Talk about random acts of kindness! This effort seems anything but random, yet it arose out of a disaster, and is by its very nature transient. Even though most of the eagles, turtles, dolphins, fish, and other coastal creatures depicted in these rooted carvings survived the storm and will survive other weather-related changes, wood is destined to rot, especially in the punishing sun, sand, wind, and water on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. One can't help but admire the man who puts such passion into something that he knows cannot be permanent.