Thursday, June 23, 2011

Window on the World

People in the pool are sharing their joy with me,
Even though I know that they can't see me.
A little girl paddling with her floaties on
While grandma visits with the mama and baby son.

Squeals of delight float up to fill our world with life
We have no responsibility for this pure delight.
It is nice to be a voyeur through our window on the world
And have no part in the play of this little boy and girl.

For them to feel our presence would change the way they feel,
Somehow changing their relationship; it would be less real.
When my granddaughters visited, we found an empty pool,
So that we, with complete abandon, could act like fools.

Family units all have their own ways to relate;
Being able to anonymously watch them is great.
I can learn about behaviors that work for others,
Giving me insights on fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.