Saturday, September 24, 2011

Granddaughter Day

I'm going to see my granddaughter;
I'm so excited I can hardly say.
This is one of my favorite
Ways to spend a Saturday.
This one loves to be snuggled,
With covers "strapping" her up.

She also likes to cook with me
To create that on which we'll sup.
Her neighborhood friends may join us
In our little cooking school.
I'd love for her brother to join us,
But he doesn't, as a rule.

We plan to make a book
Of all my favorite songs
Then, when I sing to her,
She can joyfully sing along.
I don't know what she's planning
For tonight's entree.

She loves to make lasagna,
But for something else I pray.
We plan to bake a cookie cake,
Chocolate, this time, she says.
And when she goes to sleep tonight,
I'll scratch her back and sing our prayers.