Friday, August 12, 2011

Savoring the Soup of Living

Living large is more enjoyable when done in a group
Life doesn't all have to be steak dinners with wine;
Sometimes we like a bowl of soothing, homemade soup.
The soup that I like the most is a shared project;
Even the most humble meal is a celebration
When made by friends with no egos to protect.

We don't want constant complainers or team work saboteurs
We want only those who are committed to the team;
There's enough injustice we are forced to endure.
We want only those willing to share their strengths,
Those who are ready to do whatever is their part
Without each team member's buy-in to the whole soup,
The project is off to a disastrous start.

I know this isn't political or very nice to say,
But we really don't need any team members
Who will simply sit by themselves and pray.
Babies need tending while the parents stir the pot;
We need no preachers, comedians, or entertainers
If that's all the talent you've got.

I like working on teams where everyone is heard,
Where we must all wait our turns to speak
So we don't miss out on each other's words.
Today you may be required as the officer in charge,
If this particular plan needs your expertise,
This is your place in today's living large.

We also need people who are willing to sweep the floors;
We need people who will wash dishes well,
And those who will stand guard and lock the doors.
The people who run the errands are no less valuable
Than the people who write up the plans;
We all have our own weight we must pull.

It is always my hope that when the soup is done
The whole team will sit down to supper,
Nobody will feel the need, or have to, run.
We praise each other, give thanks for our gifts,
Savor soup, and bask in shared glory;
A job well done together is my pure bliss.