Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a Way to Spend a Glorious Day!

Oh what a way to spend a glorious day!
It began with soul sister sharing
Of Christmas projects and words of wonder.
I followed this with a drive along
The endless edge of the earth.

Sun glistening on white sand,
And dancing on the ripples,
Gently teasing my cares out,
To be carried far away.

A vist to my son's home
To gather hugs and kisses
Then onto my "adopted" daughter
And her beautiful baby boys.

Children's books and silly songs,
Watching their mother soothe their souls,
As she watched over their final thoughts
Before thay drifted off to sleep.

The quiet moments of sharing
Our hearts and souls with each other,
The time for reaping adult rewards
For embracing another day.