Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Redefining Duty

I have come back to Louisiana
Where who I am took shape.
I can sift my thoughts much better
With the churning of the lake.

Coker Creek gold is found in
The sifting and swirling of sand.
But the treasure is only recognized
In an expert's patient hands.

I've moved from mom to matriarch
To the chagrin of family and friends
This is where caretaker ends,
And my teacher self begins.

I've done my time doing duty
As cook, laundress, and sitter.
I now am ready to foster
Networks that are much bigger.

I've chosen some who know the ways
Of this set of family values.
These are people that I trust
Not to, vulnerability, abuse.

I can't say with certainty
Who will accept the challenge.
I can say I'd rather live alone
Than to live in eternal revenge.