Monday, October 25, 2010

When Women Go to War

When women go to war
Our men run for cover,
When we stop the crying
And focus on a plan.

This is the way Eve
Got Adam to change jobs
And is the scariest thing
To any mortal man.

Now, we know it's true of Eve
That she led Adam wrong.
She was not thinking
Of her future child.

She was feeling a bit jealous
Of God's power of creation.
She was tempted to change this,
And she went quite wild.

We've been trying to get back
To our roots ever since
But we are still have problems
With our married men.

It seems that they only hear us
After we've exploded.
The mess they have to face
Is much greater then.

Oh wouldn't it be nice
If our men would hear our whispers,
Instead of their waiting
To be hit with a two by four?

I have stomped the snake to shreds
And girded myself with Wisdom.
It's now time for my mother self
To permanently take the floor.