Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What to Do

Today, I decided to rise from my bed,
Before my darling thought I was dead.
I made him a sandwich to take for lunch
He's been missing this, I had a hunch.

I'll send out my thanks to all my sitters,
Letting them know I'm not a quitter.
I have enjoyed being lazy, it is true,
But there are many things that I can do.

I've been contacted by a new editor;
I can, once again, publish, I'm sure.
It's time to get my brain back in gear
If we don't use it, we lose it, I hear.

I still can't exercise, but they don't mean my brain;
It's the more physical forms from which I have to refrain.
For writers and readers, the library 's a resource,
And all of it's paid for by our taxes, of course.

While I have free time, and no binding employment
I may become a volunteer and seem heaven sent.
There are probably many for whom I could cook
I'll begin this week on an effort to look.

I would probably prefer to rock sick little babies,
But when I inquired, I was looked at like I'm crazy.
I could teach pre-teens and teens how to cook,
But they would probably give me "the look."

For now, I'll only seek opportunities
Where the people I help will be pleased.
This way, the situation is always win-win,
But I am rather tired of beginning again.