Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bullies and Blessings

I used to think that it was important to protect oneself
From the different religious views that defined "someone else".
Now, I know that what is really important for us to do
Is to look for common examples of faith in me and you.

I'm so tired of making apologies for that which I am;
We can kill each other or accept both as part of The Creator's plan.
Which one will it be for you? You will have to choose one;
I'm tired of being the one about which many "People of God" make fun.

You think you are so funny because many others laugh;
Am not a child of which your Bible says, "Don't bring to wrath"?
But, if I am a child of your God, why do you think that, at best,
Your God would give me no self in which to feel that I am blessed?

I'm fairly sure that if I am beaten, you will portray me,
As one your God would have said was never meant to be.
But you still insist you are one of which your God approves as "thee",
And you should inflict your truths on all who you deign to see.

It may be that, in Eternity, the first shall be the least,
But my hope is this, that in the Eternal Loving plan for peace,
There will be no more who, their piety increase
By taking unfair advantage of any plant, person, or beast.