Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here's To Our House In the Holler

Our niece is visiting us while on sabbatical from her Louisiana public school teaching position. I don't know how any teachers survive the insane asylums that the large district schools have become. I'm sort of surprised that my niece lasted six years before needing a break from the boneheaded system. It seems that neither parents nor children understand that anarchy isn't a good learning environment. Talk about the inmates running the asylums.

This niece and her family have visited on several occasions, and we're thrilled that she has chosen our Tennessee Mountain Home as her retreat center. What a beautiful time of year she has chosen! The fall colors seem to be peaking early this year; she's here to experience that and the Coker Creek Autumn Gold Festival. I'm not sure what better environment anyone could choose for clearing the cobwebs out of one's body and brain while renewing one's spirit.

Along with what occurs yearly around here, we're fortunate to have Richard lovingly making salads for our suppers, and Pastor Lynda on call to soothe our souls. How many people have a pastor working at the welcome center, available for the asking any time we need a third prayer partner? When Pastor Lynda prays, I feel it deep down in my soul.

Pastor Lynda recently organized a "see you at the pole" prayer event at the Coker Creek school. This was attended by many from the community, including two other local pastors. The success of that event led them to agree to jointly organize a prayer chain that will circle the school on the fifth Sunday of every month. Interestingly, this month, the fifth Sunday falls on October 31. I wonder what the Halloween naysayers will have to say about that.

I have a special place in my heart for Halloween, as I gave birth to my own precious pumpkin on that day. I celebrate him daily, but am always happy to have others to share in my joy over my baby boy.

Here's to our house in the holler and all the spiritual gifts it gives us and others that we cherish.