Monday, June 27, 2011

No Price to Pay

Some have aquariums to watch the soothing moves of fish;
Others have cats and kittens to observe their antics;
Some have dogs to watch them as they slumber;
But pets don't soothe me; they make me frantic.

I always wonder what they need that I'm not providing;
If left in the wild, they'd fill their own needs.
The dogs and cats would find meat, the sea life their food;
The birds would find fish, bugs, and plant seeds.

I enjoy simply watching the "wild things;"
This includes people at their work and play
Because I have no ownership stake, I have
All this enjoyment with no price to pay.

Of course, it's my good fortune that
When I peer out my living room window
There are no riots or angry animals;
All appears to be peaceful down below.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Ivory Tower and Dinner Hour

It seems to be time, once again, to commit to a way of life,
Whether to be party girl of our community or grandmother and wife.
There are many souls hanging out at several of the pools,
Waiting for party pals in breaking all the rules.
This side of me still lives just below my skin;
It doesn't take much for my party self to begin.
I seem to have a mischievous glint in these eyes of mine,
Always looking for a place to connect to something divine.

But most times the playmates are not looking to be whole;
They're actually looking for someone to play the devil's role.
I must be careful as I cruise around here without a friend,
Someone to remind me that means don't justify their ends.
The problem there is that most times it costs much money
To get together with those who share what I think is funny.
So, until I procure employment, I'll hide in my ivory tower,
Where the high point of my days is our shared dinner hour.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like the Sky and the Sea

The ring of clouds gathering around the lake
Will soon be the water in which we all partake.
Our nourishment from fields, beasts, and all things
Are the gifts that this daily "lake effect" brings.

Why can't we be more like the sky and the sea,
I give to you and you give back freely?
Why can't we be like the trees and the rain,
I transform your gifts and give them back again?

Have you ever watched birds as they build their nests?
They use only what is needed, and for others leave rest.
If it is true that energy is an never-ending loop,
What do we accomplish when, to hoarding, we stoop?

The powerful seem to be nothing but energy sinks,
Damming up the flow and leaving none for others to drink.
They would rather be in control of a stagnant pool
Not caring that slow death is that over which they rule.

All moral ownership comes with some responsibility
If we take only what we're meant to, the rest will be set free.
Then all creation's energy will flow through us and back.
The balance we see in "lesser" creatures, we humans seem to lack.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sailors and Sentries

Our harbor comes alive
Every summer morning,
Whenever there are
Fair skies and following seas.

These stalwart sailors
Don't miss a chance
To be out on the water,
Catching the breeze.

The youth sail in circles
Under the watchful eyes
Of the old salts at anchor,
And others underway.

Like little ducklings
Learning to live life
Through a fine form of
Purposeful parental play.

From my perch above them,
All I hear is silence,
Though I can see there are
Several motorboats humming.

The sentry rescue boats
Must be always at the ready
For bursts of speed;
Rescues require fast running.

The young sailors will
Soon sail in silence;
The only sounds they'll hear,
The wild wind and waves.

It is fun imagining
Those who discovered
The many continents
Were sailors similarly made.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Window on the World

People in the pool are sharing their joy with me,
Even though I know that they can't see me.
A little girl paddling with her floaties on
While grandma visits with the mama and baby son.

Squeals of delight float up to fill our world with life
We have no responsibility for this pure delight.
It is nice to be a voyeur through our window on the world
And have no part in the play of this little boy and girl.

For them to feel our presence would change the way they feel,
Somehow changing their relationship; it would be less real.
When my granddaughters visited, we found an empty pool,
So that we, with complete abandon, could act like fools.

Family units all have their own ways to relate;
Being able to anonymously watch them is great.
I can learn about behaviors that work for others,
Giving me insights on fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sharing Air

Yesterday brought powerful storms
With wind, rain and lightening bolts.
It also brought my daughter and her daughters
To share with me their happiness and hopes.

Today, we have simmering, sailing seas,
With cumulus clouds promising rain.
But for now the energy is in the wind
With which the swollen sails strain.

The seagulls soar on a highway
Of cross currents we cannot see,
Celebrating their lifestyles
Where everything is truly free.

It seems that there's a symmetry
Between the seabirds and the boats
One is sailing on thewind
The other captures wind to float.

It is all part of the same cycle
Of water, wind and air
That fuels all life upon the earth
That we are so blessed to share.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Superb Sailing

Super sailing, but not on the sea,
At the marina where the winds blow free.
Young sailors learning on small sunfish;
Competition for attention is still stiff.

Orange, red, blue, yellow, but mostly white,
Sails, like water wings in flight.
Tacking as the tell-tales blow,
Close to keeling, for the show.

What it must be like to be young,
And dream of waters farther flung,
As they set out under the watchful gaze
Of those offering the wisdom of their ways.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Salty Stories

Who needs wind chimes when sailboat rigging,
All day and all night, is merrily jigging?
Palest pink oleanders in full bloom:
An absolute assurance that summer's coming soon.

The scent of suntan lotion wafting up to me,
From the poolside bathing beauties that we can see.
Magenta crepe myrtles are dancing in the breeze
Oblivious to peeling skins and their knobby knees.

Seagulls soaring splendidly, looking for a free meal,
Whether food that is offered, or morsels that they steal.
Mothers tucking children into car seats for a ride;
I don't know how the heated air, their little bodies survive.

How is it that a young mother, so beautiful and strong
Can stand near her children smoking, knowing that it's wrong?
There are so many varied stories carried on the winds,
The salty stories of those who could be foes or friends.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sacred Sundays

Our Sundays are sacred for friends and family;
They can drop by our house from wherever they may be.
We'll have a meal ready, in case they're hungry.

We hope to experience a lot of life and love,
In our little condo situated above
A pool and patio we don't have to take care of.

We can spend our time playing with all the kids,
Like we, in our younger days, often did.
This seems like a lifestyle most splendid.

We have games and books, but not many toys
That would appeal to most young girls and boys;
But this shouldn't prevent a joyful noise.

I am excited by the promised prospect
That we will, once more, have opportunity to inject
Our lives into those we've committed to protect.

So, come one and all to our home on the lake.
You can see our place from the interstate
If we know you're coming, we'll bake a cake.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Far From the Tree

"That apple didn't fall far from the tree,"
Can often be said of you and of me.
Still, some seeds are blown by the wind,
Or planted on purpose by adventurous friends.
But, some soils are simply not the right mix;
Only moving the plants will weaknesses fix.

We thought this was so when our home blew away,
And we thought we'd forever far from this field stay.
But our tree is all grown and has planted new seeds;
So many saplings seek our support in addressing their needs.
We have returned to the orchard where our tree began,
Hoping this is the proper progression in our life plan.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wise Words

In many ways it would be easier to stay hidden away
Here, there are many who haven't seen my mistakes along the way.
Whatever I present to them is who they believe I am;
They have no history with which to derail my future plans.

While it is quite tempting to start all over again;
The problems from which I run often multiply as they remain.
We are told that our mistakes can live on through four generations;
Is individual restitution what will bring peace to our nation?

I am willing to do my part to bring about community peace;
I believe this requires respect for even the very least.
Each one of us has something important to contribute;
Nothing in our own experience should be treated as absolute.

Even our images of The Almighty have been seen in many guises;
Why are some treated as sacred, and others our family despises?
I love to look for common ground, whether in beliefs or relationships;
Only when we find this will wise words come from our communal lips.