Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sacred Sundays

Our Sundays are sacred for friends and family;
They can drop by our house from wherever they may be.
We'll have a meal ready, in case they're hungry.

We hope to experience a lot of life and love,
In our little condo situated above
A pool and patio we don't have to take care of.

We can spend our time playing with all the kids,
Like we, in our younger days, often did.
This seems like a lifestyle most splendid.

We have games and books, but not many toys
That would appeal to most young girls and boys;
But this shouldn't prevent a joyful noise.

I am excited by the promised prospect
That we will, once more, have opportunity to inject
Our lives into those we've committed to protect.

So, come one and all to our home on the lake.
You can see our place from the interstate
If we know you're coming, we'll bake a cake.


  1. That sounds so wonderful! Wish we were traveling to NOLA and could stop by...but with our age and all it probably won't happen before we die. Enjoy some swamp bugs and gumbo for me! ☺

  2. Loved thisone also. eveidently I did not come back for the secret word, my Sherry said she did not read my comment, I said well it is there. Okaaay.

    I did like it sweet lady!
    Sherry & Jack in the NC mts.