Monday, April 18, 2011

Always Family to Richard and Me

What an honor it was to to spend yesterday's Social Sunday at Tristan's Eagle Scout installation! Richard helped this young man to build his Eagle Scout project -- an electronic bell system and belfry for a seminary. Richard assisted with the carpentry, not the electronics.

This is something I miss when we're in Coker Creek. Most of the people we know there are retirees, and the Coker Creek people we know with children seem to have little need for more parenting partners.I love being part of Richard's involvement with young people. He's never had children of his own, but he is passing on a lot of himself.

Tristan's mother, Terry Sue, is married to my longest lasting best friend's brother. When she was put on bed rest during the time Tristan was "in her oven," my friend called to tell me that Terry Sue had nobody to help prune her prize roses. I volunteered to help, as I had always wanted to know how to care for rose bushes. This blossomed into a wonderful friendship. You could say that Tristan was the catalyst for my friendship with his mom.

Several years later, Terry Sue asked if I'd like to join her and her second son in "enrichment activities," taking my grandson and her second son to the educational venues such as the Audubon Zoo, Louisiana Children's Museum, and The Global Wildlife Center. I gladly accepted, as I was babysitting twice a week for my grandson while my son worked and his wife was in school. This was the first of many outings with these two baby boys.

Whether Richard and I are in Coker Creek or Slidell, Terry Sue's home in Sandestin and both of our homes are now many miles from each other. Our heart strings, however, are long enough to span the distance. Wherever we are, I hope that Terry Sue's family will always be family to Richard and to me.