Monday, April 4, 2011

Play Days

Talk about two ends of the spectrum, from art to animals in less than a week.
One niece called me to do lunch, then we went to the museum to take a peek.
She had never been to NOMA, though she's quite an artist herself,
I thought that this introduction could give her creativity some help.

Then, another niece came over with her husband and their boys;
This time it wasn't for them to play with Richard and their toys.
We took them on a field trip to the Global Wildlife Center,
Where into the world of children's wildest dreams we can all enter.

There are four thousand deer of several species, camels, and zebras, too;
But this isn't simply viewing, like we have at any zoo.
We ride along in jungle trams, but to the boys, they're trains.
The tractor driver gets up-close; the tour guide calls the animals by name.

How much fun is it to feed a bison, and a giraffe, and her baby?
We were a little disappointed because these animals were being lazy,
So we actually only got to feed the aforementioned herds,
But the joy of the children of all ages was still too much for words.

The weather couldn't have been finer; we had a nice cool breeze.
The youngest child was lulled to sleep upon his daddy's knees.
It was a perfect kind of Sunday, even though we got home late.
For the Sunday roast that I had cooked, they really couldn't wait.

The daddy had to go to work, the mom had homework to do;
I was glad that of their busy hours, we were able to share a few
We'll be together again this week, to celebrate my birthday
Nothing is ever better than when the families come to play.