Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Back to My Babies

I sure do miss my babies when I'm so far away,
Especially as I sit inside on this rainy winter day.
The young people with all their hope are wonderful to behold
The sight of their smiling faces keeps me from feeling so old.

Don't get me wrong, this is not to say
That I want life to be like a "G" rated movie.
I enjoy discussing the deeper and more adult things
That the children may not be ready to see.

But to have a glimpse of youth every day or two,
To hear about their dreams and triumphs lightens
The adult world's problems and distresses;
Even hearing about them, my day brightens.

I know the young parents have much on their plates,
And they think that older folks are unavailable
Now that I have the time to spend with them,
Their time for me is unassailable.

My body is too old to chase after the babes
But still they and their parents, I'd like to see.
If we all lived in the same city,
This might be a possibility.

But the children all do grow away,
And form their own networks and families.
Then in order to experience youth again,
We must new opportunities seize.

Some teach at Sunday school;
Others tutor children to read.
I'm looking forward to, once again,
Feeling that I'm filling a child's need.

I have many nieces and nephews
That have many jobs to be done.
I am honored to know that
They trust me with their daughters and sons.

My granddaughter likes to cook with me;
Her brother likes to show me his sports acumen.
Why live a life learning discipline and respect
If not to share what I've learned with them?