Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Time in a Warmer Clime

On the road to someplace, but I don't quite know where;
I have so many people scattered here and there.
Some I want to laugh with; with some I need to cry.
There may even be some to whom I have to say good-bye.

Will I see my sister sing? I don't really know.
All I can say is that I hope to do so.
My Cajun aunt and uncle are getting rather old;
I'll spend time with them because they accept that I'm bold.

High school friends await our joyful reunion,
Where we revert to sharing our teenage girl fun.
Spiritual sisters to share our souls' delights,
And the wisdom we've gleaned from our various plights.

Be still my heart; you still have to get there.
Calm yourself with a centering prayer.
Get up; get packed; make last minute visits.
For all of this you must keep your wits.

I feel like a prisoner getting out of jail,
With the ending of fall making my bail.
I don't do winter in the higher climes;
I'm heading south for some family time.