Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leading Into Lent

We met a milliner on Mardi Gras;
For the opera she makes hats.
We also met a descendant of Emily Post;
Now, what do you think of that?

The opera milliner was a beautiful being,
With hair like seaweed in red.
Her bosom was covered in a brocade
Of gold and a color that scarlet bred.

The younger version of Emily Post
Was a creature quite serene;
She was probably the most polished
Of the people that we'd seen.

There were babies and toddlers
Enjoying themselves with dance;
While their grandparents who invited us
Were sharing a bit of romance.

The people outside who were on parade
Had many statements to make;
Some of them seemed to be sincere;
Some of them seemed quite fake.

This is the way of Mardi Gras,
Where everyone is free
To act as they want to act,
And be who they want to be.

It does scare some people
To see all this played out
It makes some folks question
What their own lives are all about.

For me and my man, it's entertainment
Maybe this is why, to here we were sent.
We're happy living responsible lives.
Now onto the season of Lent...