Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Memories Than Mortals Can Conceive

The sailors in windbreakers heading out to the sea
Bring back memories of our boating, my captain and me.
The cool fall breezes are a sirens' song to sailors,
Whether with vessels in the harbor or boats on trailers.

We had cushions in the v-berth that served as our bed,
And in the starboard bunks where guests laid their heads.
There were nights that we anchored in a quite river inlet
And other nights at harbors that we had only just met.

The cruises that we took with friends and family --
Feasting, swimming, fishing -- We felt worry free.
We had sleep-overs at the dock; we didn't need to leave;
There were more memories made than mortals can conceive.

Fall light is extra luminous as it dances on the waves;
The cloudless sky promises many memories to be saved.
My wish for every sailor embarking from this harbor:
Many blissful moments to share with their sons and daughters.