Monday, September 13, 2010

Ladies of Love and Laughter

The ladies were lovely and a whole lot of fun.
They may be with churches, but not just one.
The quilts they make are not for UT;
They're made for Children's Hopital, you see.
These gals have hearts as big as the earth;
Each one giving whatever she's worth.
Pastor Lynda is very good at recruiting;
For community efforts she has everyone rooting.

Eda is sewing a border by hand,
While her daughter Anita by the ironing board stands.
Tina makes yo-yos that will become keychains;
Jessica is piecing, so no two quilts are the same.
Gayle sits and sews a fine seam;
Joyce is helping with several teams.
They make tissue box covers and coasters, too
For Christmas gifts, I may buy a few

Donna and Delight are comparing their thoughts
About which items will be most readily bought
By folks attending the Autumn Gold Fest.
I couldn't decide which things I like best.
I got great stories of their efforts;
I took their pictures; they were great sports.
The cookies were eaten with great gusto;
They laughed at my stories, then I had to go.