Friday, November 18, 2011

Fraternizing and Friendship

What a joy it was for me to be
In the work world of my "Little Dickie."
This is the pet name that he was called
Before he became a doctor and friendships stalled.
The tedious task that he asked me to share
Was truly mind-deadening beyond compare,
But we manged to have a great many laughs
Without committing too many gaffes.
He doesn't think of his fellow workers as friends
Because he into the woodwork blends.
But they all seem to come around
To seek help and advice, which is always sound.

While it is true that he's wound too tight,
When you get him laughing, he's pure delight.
It simply seems difficult for them to see
That he's just as playful as you and me.
The job is complete; I've met some of the guys,
Who on his attention to detail daily relay.
I wish there was a way to help them relax,
Knowing he's weird, but he's got their backs.
Maybe then they would ask him out for a brew,
And to share stories of what they do.
Or maybe they could go out to a movie or two
And become more to each other than a work crew.