Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Normal

I, who wanted never to own another house after Hurricane Katrina, now has a house in the holler and am attempting to buy a lot on the lake on which to build a second home. What could possibly be wrong with this picture?

We have spoken to friends who have a storefront from which to rent out our mountain retreat when we're not in residence. They have assured us that there is a market for such a spot as our eight plus acres complete with stables, fish pond, RV electric outlets, wi-fi and satellite TV. It also comes with a mountain dog to patrol the perimeter and keep the beasties and ghoulies at bay.

Other friends have contacted us about the prospect of selling or leasing our Coker Creek cabin at the edge of the forest to friends of theirs from Florida. We could certainly make other arrangements for where we would stay when we wanted to come back to Coker Creek to visit. We may even be able to stay in our RV on what would have formerly been our piece of mountain paradise.

We now know that the distances that our families have to travel precludes their frequent visiting of us, up there. We also ascertained that our house was too small to accommodate a significant number of our extended entourage when we had twenty-five folks over for the holidays and twice overflowed our septic system. The brood continues to blossom, so we were going to have to come up with alternative accommodations if we ever wanted to host another "Holidays in the Holler".

Decisions, decisions. What will the wanderers do?

For the time being, we're happily co-habitating where there's a maintenance crew which comes when we call, at no extra expense to us. We have to pay no taxes or insurance, other than that included in our rent. If there's grass to cut, it's not ours. The pool has a barbecue pit on the adjoining patio, both of which are dockside. It seems so simple and serene.

I may be able to get used to the stomping above our heads in the adjoining upstairs unit. When summer comes, I may also not object to the music pouring into our windows and door from poolside. Having dinner parties with only one other adult couple may become our new normal. It could happen...