Friday, July 15, 2011

Lending Out Our Largess

It gives us great pleasure to be sharing our mountain home,
Even though the visiting couple is visiting our home alone.
We are busy with our alternative lives down south,
So we can't sit and visit with them on our own couch.
They are young and enjoy the natural life,
Free from the city's congestion and strife.
They also can avoid their home's greater heat;
Summer in the mountains is a wonderful treat.

I often fantasize about forming a community
Where we would all share the best of what we've come to be.
In the summer we could teach children survival,
Without all the electronics that their real lives should rival.
It has been so lonely to have all this largess,
And to have no young folks, with our resources, to bless.
Nothing would please us more than the creation
Of a place we could teach the strengths that built our nation.