Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pursuing Playmates

Unbelievable things happen when we allow ourselves to follow the still quiet voice of our pure childhood faith. My very best friend that I lost in sixth grade just found me on Facebook. I've been looking for her for years, but when she was moved by her family to Houston, they left no forwarding address. What fun it will be to catch up with my tall, talented, red-headed BFF!

I'm busy lately taking many walks down memory lane. Maybe this is part of the aging process, but for me it seems more like reclaiming the less complicated, happier, more whole and wholesome parts of myself, when what I lived on was hope.

I'm firmly convinced that most of us have a sane self that was scared away by the control freak ways of others as we grew up. All we have to do is find that precious person again. This makes other "grown ups" absolutely nuts because they are all so busy trying appear to be in control. My opinion is that we're all faking it as adults, but we don't want anybody else to know it.

I always had plenty of playmates in my life, and I was a "good" but clumsy and too talkative kid. This drove adults to distraction, so they set out to "fix" me and try to make me a graceful, quiet "lady". If it hasn't worked by now, I don't think I'm ever going to get there. So, I surrender. I'm going into my second (or, more likely, returning to my first)childhood before faking adulthood kills me.

I never saw it in the Bible that women can't cuss, even though I know there are some words that are forbidden to be used in vain. I also know that women are the teachers because they are the mothers. I don't know who Paul was talking to when he said that women can't teach men, but it wasn't to the women I know.

My six-year-old self was doing just fine before my significant adults made My Maker into a monster. I'm going back home in myself and finding my faith. And I'll go back to hugging everybody on the playground who wants to play with me.