Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to Basics

My niece told me yesterday that she sees me as the family's chief cheerleader. Could this really be the case? Is my role in life to offer encouragement to those who are getting bloodied and beaten on the battlefield of life? Into what a weird place this puts my mind!

I was a cheerleader in grammar school, chosen by a group of boys who stated that they voted for me because of my loud voice. Once I graduated and went to an all-girl school, I was no longer chosen for any honors, as my loud voice was seen as a negative nuisance.

I figured that I had a shot at being chosen if I tried out for a spot on the cheer leading squad of our brother school, but I didn't really like the superior, snarky attitudes of most of the top tier sportsmen at that academic institution. I also knew that being chosen was not a way to earn friendship or favor with the other girls in my class. What was The Almighty thinking placing me in the midst of a stable of sneakily competitive sisters?

Southern women, for the most part, won't confront you; they simply shun you, expecting you to magically know why. This obviously is not my way. If I don't like something, I tell you; we can then negotiate for change. I don't always get my way, but at least we know how to avoid issues that throw rocks into our relationship.

Since graduating from grammar school, I've generally had disdain for the cheerleader types, mainly because they are mostly dedicated to whipping up adoration for a bunch of bullies. This was definitely not how I wanted to spend my life; and now I'm seen as a cheerleader by one of my almost-daughters. I guess we can run from our destinies, but we cannot hide. Our true selves will eventually be outed.

At least I'm back to the basics where I began. I cheer just as loudly for the hard-working females as I do the males. And I don't ever encourage unsportsmanlike behavior, aka, bullying.