Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making My Bed

Do you know the reason that people used to make their beds?
It was to keep out critters that we still have cause to dread.
My friend Jack in Appalachia says he once found a snake
Snuggling on a bed he, thankfully, did make.
And we don't want spiders crawling around,
Considering they'll bite us without making a sound.

Now we make beds because it makes them look nice,
But, still any critter would have to think twice
Before burrowing down between blanket and sheet
So, there's little chance that, our skin, they will meet.
It also makes it easier to pull the covers over us
Because when we're tired, we don't want much fuss.

So when you're tempted not to make your bed
If not one thing, it's another that can cause dread.
And if none of these things has convinced you to behave
Remember one more thought that is grave
You can't continue doing only what you want to do
Unless you want do decrease your friends by more than one or two.

When you go visiting, if your bed is made
Is matters not whether because its cute or your host is afraid
When you wake, place the pillows and smooth the covers
So you may be invited back by good manners lovers.
If you don't behave for goodness sake
They may, next time tell you to go jump in the lake.