Friday, September 30, 2011

Losses and Life

There are many people in my life who aren't afraid of death;
It hurts my feelings because they put me in a mess.
If they are not grieving because they're sure of eternity,
It wouldn't be right for me to cry while they hold me.

I know that they feel they are just passing over
To a place where they can sit on their god's shoulders,
But it would be nice to have a tearful goodbye
Before they leave me alone to cry.

I will miss their physical selves in my life
Their smiles, words, and laughter that soothe my strife.
How can dying people be so blissfully blind
To the holes in the hearts of those left behind?

How can I be so foolish as to continue making friends,
Knowing the grief I'll feel when their lives end?
My broken heart, I don't have time to mend it
Before another loss appears to rend it.

Yesterday was two of my oldest and dearest
And another with whom I feel a kindred spirit.
I'm hard pressed to say which is most inviting
Shared history is comforting; discovery is exciting.

Still I force myself to open my heart and celebrate
With family, old friends, and new, and my mate
Then I review the memories on these pages
For reliving during our last life stages.