Friday, October 22, 2010

My Niece Nikki

It's so nice to go visiting with my niece Nikki. The people of Coker Creek really love her ready smile and her genuine interest in the things that are important to them. She's added her lilting laughter and talents to every endeavor I've introduced her to.

Her assistance at the queen contest was much appreciated, as was her judging of the chili cook-off. Harriett apparently shared a few wry comments as they waded their way through ten chili samples, much to my niece's amusement. And Nikki was especially sought after by our retired school administrator Wanda who had my niece helping put together the chili award certificates. A good principal has to know how to recognize and recruit good help.

Ninety-year-old Eda not only taught Nikki to purl in addition to her talent at knitting, she is now campaigning to have my niece's family move up here. And Coker Creek's other ninety-year-old Mamie absolutely glowed as she showed Nikki her vast array of quilts made by herself, her daughter, several friends and her deceased mom. As a school teacher, my niece also appreciated Mamie's treasured penmanship instruction books saved from when she attended third grade.

Jack was excited to have the opportunity show Nikki his new solar power set-up and have her try out his manual typewriter. The friend who came up to help Jack at the Autumn Gold Festival so enjoyed Nikki that she wrote us a thank you note regarding their time together. And the Quilts For Kids group so appreciates their photo collage that Nikki helped me create.

Nikki's deceased mama Denice and I spent a lot of time hauling our three little ones to one park to sit by the water and feed the ducks. Nikki and I have even sat by the lake at Kefauver Park, but we forgot to bring any bread. Another of my favorite activities with my sister was eating at casual dining places. We've been to Donna's at least three times, and Kats twice.

We've cleaned, created, coffeed, laughed and cried together. (I have to wait for Nikki's daughter, Corinne Denice, to have a partner for cooking.) What wonderful walks down memory lane, this time with the promise of many good times yet to come.