Monday, September 13, 2010

Ladies of Love and Laughter

The ladies were lovely and a whole lot of fun.
They may be with churches, but not just one.
The quilts they make are not for UT;
They're made for Children's Hopital, you see.
These gals have hearts as big as the earth;
Each one giving whatever she's worth.
Pastor Lynda is very good at recruiting;
For community efforts she has everyone rooting.

Eda is sewing a border by hand,
While her daughter Anita by the ironing board stands.
Tina makes yo-yos that will become keychains;
Jessica is piecing, so no two quilts are the same.
Gayle sits and sews a fine seam;
Joyce is helping with several teams.
They make tissue box covers and coasters, too
For Christmas gifts, I may buy a few

Donna and Delight are comparing their thoughts
About which items will be most readily bought
By folks attending the Autumn Gold Fest.
I couldn't decide which things I like best.
I got great stories of their efforts;
I took their pictures; they were great sports.
The cookies were eaten with great gusto;
They laughed at my stories, then I had to go.


  1. I like the poetry. You paint a great word picture of ladies doing a good work. I know they are glad you landed in their community. I figuer they are sure they can tame you, where if you had landed elsewhere, the folks might not be able to.
    Take care. Fall is in the air here in the Utah mts. Sherry tells me to enjoy it because it is HOT in Vegas, our next stop.

  2. Y, you are a very gifted poet! Did you know it? Of course you did. And what a tribute to the ladies who are being so creative. Bless 'em.