Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movable Memories

Some call them senior moments,
But that doesn't apply to me.
I never could remember anything;
I went from ADD to senility.

I like to say that the mind
Is like a computer's CPU,
But when our brains get too full,
There's little we can do.

There should be an external drive
Where we could download the overflow;
When we needed this information
To our jump drives we would go.

Our ear canals could serve as
Our data retrieval ports.
We'd simply plug in external drives
For information of all sorts.

What would even be better
Is we could trade memories,
My trip to the dentist
For your vacation overseas.

Wouldn't the world be lovely
If we could walk in each other's shoes,
By simply plugging into another's memories,
And replacing ours when we choose?


  1. A wonderful, light-hearted, yet truth-ringing post! Who else but you would think of plugging someone else's memory bank into our minds via an ear-port! ☺

  2. Hey Girl, you come up with some good ideas in your poetry. What an idea of External drives!!!!

    From Vegas,
    Sherry & Jack